At C&S Heating & Cooling, our services are designed to provide an exemplary experience. We give each of our valued customers choices when controlling the temperature of their home or business, and the integrated mobile technology to do it on the go! Working with us, you can choose the level that is right for your unique interior scenario, and your budget, and choose how often you can make adjustments to your customized HVAC system:


We go beyond “good” at C&S Heating & Cooling, and offer you something better. Our “Better” services give you monthly checkups to all your installed systems or any maintenance we perform to provide you with EPA-certified comfort, stability, and assurance from a company that truly cares.


With our “Best” services, we install a customized thermostat in your home or business that we monitor for you. It provides readings on what kind of air is blowing throughout your interior, what temperature it is blowing at, and if there are any issues that we need to address on your behalf. With this level of service, you can also customize the types of alerts you get – text or email – from us!


Our “Supreme” services give you the ultimate control over the temperature and air flow in your home. You can manually control all levels of air flow from your hand-held device from anywhere, plus you get the 24/7 monitoring of our “Best” package as well. Customers find the “Supreme” package to be the most beneficial, as it gives them the anytime, mobile services they want from the company they know they can trust.


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